Syfadis Suite

Discover our innovative solutions to assess, manage and develop your employee's talent.

Syfadis learning
Design and Deliver
digital learning
Plan and Manage
your learning process and budgets
Syfadis eval
Conduct assessment campaigns and Evaluate training efficiency
Syfadis talent
Manage skills frameworks and Drive performance reviews

My Syfadis
Deliver learning content on smartphones
& tablets


Syfadis Suite

Syfadis Suite is an LMS (Learning Management System) that helps organization build successful and efficient learning and development strategies :
  • Build innovative training programs
  • Deliver learning to several thousands of users
  • Ability to mix different types of learning activities : e-learning, social learning, mobile learning, blended learning, in-class training…
  • Drive effective training tracking and completion
  • Ensure regulatory compliance

Syfadis Learning

Syfadis Learning helps you create innovative training programs combining different learning activities.
  • Collaborative tools to promote informal learning
  • Ability to deliver learning to many people at the same time
  • Individualized training
  • Various dashboards to track learners activity
  • Customizable reminders
  • Easy training administration to reduce costs

Syfadis Training

Syfadis Training is a management solution that helps your organization to maximize training efficiency.
  • Steamline training administration with dashboards and reports
  • Send automatic notifications
  • Edit training documents
  • Optimize your training budget
  • Plan in real time all your training activities
  • Analyze in real time your key indicators

Syfadis Eval

Syfadis Eval is an online evaluation solution to identify development needs, manage training prerequisites and launch training and HR satisfaction surveys.
  • Collect informations & analyze your training programs
  • Create and manage assessments campaigns (question authoring, delivery, automatic notifaction)
  • Measure knowledge ans skills for a successful learning outcome
  • Analyze the results with a comprehensive reporting module
  • Track and create reports to ensure compliance


Futurskill Digital offers a wide range of connectors to interact with the key market players and simplify connections on the Syfadis Suite platform.
Main connectors for the LMS Syfadis Suite :
  • WebEx | Classilio | Adobe | Lync | Google Hangout
Syfadis Suite Marketplace provides easy integration of a large library of learning contents from leading providers :


MySyfadis is a mobile learning app, employees can follow their training courses on various devices. MySyfadis is available on Android, iOS, Windows Tablet & PC.
  • Access to educational content anytime & anywhere
  • Courses can be downloaded & viewed without internet connection
  • Synchronization with Syfadis Suite LMS
  • Dashboard to track & analyze educational progress

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